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Dontavious Stegall

- 2018


shoppers guide

- 2017
thom browne review

fashion week journal

- 2016

"room 13" lookbook

window display

"Room 13" NBAF Concept Lookbook

This project was done in collaboration with a SCAD Atlanta Fashion Design student participating in the NBAF competition in 2016. The goal was to help interpret the concept behind the look.

The designer pulled inspiration from researching the architecture of mental hospitals.
The opening pages are welcoming the reader into the hospital as a visitor in Room 13.

"Patient 0" was the code name for the target customer this look may interest. Some
psychological characteristics of this customer were listed on this page:
-   Highly Creative
-   Introspective
-   Lucid Dreamer
-   Reclusive

Each garment references elements of the environment within a mental hospital. A
lab-coat, takeing literal insperation from a doctors uniform, and a multifunctional
vest to bag, utilizing subtle elements to create a unique garment.

The pullover and trousers took inspiration from quilted bed coverings. The function of strait jackets were also re-interpreted into the design of the pullover. On the inside lining of the pullover was a repeat print of a floor plan design which was also used throughout this look book.

We see the utilization of the print exposed on the button-down shirt

This project was completed in 2016 before I began my studies at the SCAD. It’s a project that I am happy to have had the opportunity to complete because it was done purely out of
a passion for design and creativity.

Thom Browne Women's F/W 17 Collection Review

This project was completed for my fashion aesthetics class [FASM 215]. The purpose of the assignment was to write a review of a collection of your choice. I chose to review Thom Browne. I admired his craftsmanship and attention to detail. This book was saddle stitched by hand, and fraying threads were left hanging to replicate the finishing of the garments in the collection. My images and insights into the inspiration behind the collection were sourced from W - Magazine.